This version of simcosmos website is no longer maintained. After almost 10 years of being online (although since ~2009 that the site was in a kind of 'hold') and after more than 54000 visits, a number of factors lead to the conclusion that it's time to hit the pause button and to rethink the site and related projects. Pratically all contents have been removed (my apologies for any 404 that results from links to those pages or files) and what is currently available may also go offline.

Thanks to all visitors and to the persons with whom I have interacted: see you at nasaspaceflight / orbiter / armagetron forums, etc.

About the future... A possible new iteration of 'simcosmos' website & projects might be implemented: if / when such happens, my profiles - at the mentioned forums - will be updated with the respective information (and the same is valid for simcosmos flickr profile).

Best wishes, clear skies,

António H. F. Maia